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As stated per our media release last week January 14, 2022, we are in the “go-live testing for Friday, January 21, 2022“.

As with all soft launches we discovered a minor issue that has caused the delay of the mobile APPS for IOS and Android. This is why the APPS are not available for download. Additionally, the call center for helpdesk support is not completed. We felt a call center would be of added value for our token holders knowing what frustration other exchanges present as they only offer email support. XUSD wanted to provide an extra layer of service to that end.

We felt it necessary to delay the full launch until all programmatic and support mechanisms were thoroughly reexamined and retested so our exchange passes with flying colors. Our confidence remains high regarding the security protocols using Fireblocks. That has never been a concern.

We just wanted to make sure when our platform goes live next week, all token holders of XUSDP and XUSDG never has an issue we haven’t already foreseen or resolved. To that end we will provide you with an update on the progress next week as we continue the go-live testing which incidentally started ahead of schedule. Please look for another email and post.

We are working as diligently and meticulously as possible.

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