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XUSD™ Blockchain Holdings is pleased to announce a solid milestone. We’ve just made our way onto the first of many exchanges and have a live price as of November, 9th 2021, which can be seen at https://trade.xusdblockchain.io. Currently, you can signup for an account on this exchange but you will not be able to trade or view prices until after November 18th.

On November 18th, 2021, XUSD™ Blockchain Holdings is scheduled to begin a robust market-making initiative which will last for approximately one week. The objective of this campaign is to encourage interest in the marketplace, promote product awareness, and generate volume trading.

At the conclusion of this campaign, we will release our own secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet which will be available for download on Google and Apple.

We will be following up with weekly newsletters telling of our progress, value and new token rollouts. We’ll also be sharing information regarding special events we’ll be attending early December. 

We appreciate everyone being so incredibly patient. We have a heavily credentialed team of American talent behind all the XUSD ™ family of tokens. 
Most respectfully,

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