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The XUSDP token is virtually stagnant. There is no real liquidity pool identified at present unless you consider Uniswap an ideal trading platform. If there was a stable liquidity pool to support XUSDP or XUSDG it would not be trading for pennies. 

We know you are concerned and upset, you have every justification.

A very talented company was hired to develop XUSDBLOCKCHAIN.IO is now being discredited from a news release located at XUSDBLOCKCHAIN.COM. 


An incomplete link, much like their promises ... Unified Global Intelligence Corporation who was responsible for building the initial smart contract for the tokens, and the.COM website fell out with XUSD Blockchain LLC for a while forcing XUSD Blockchain to turn to a new company to build the .IO website and design the XUSD Blockchain LLC brand. 

There is no comparison between the two domains except for better design and more complete news afforded the tokens holders on XUSDBLOCKCHAIN.IO. It's a confusing chain of events and since to follow however, XUSD BLOCKCHAIN LLC refused to pay for the new work so there's not one thing they can do to stop this story. 

Now they (ITCS Trust ATOA, [AKA XUSD Blockchain LLC.] and Unified Global Intelligence Corporation) are suddenly "friends again" and just as quickly "several other companies" that supported the project are unfortunately left with the dirty business end of the stick, XUSD Blockchain and their pontificated counterpart are now telling you NOT to look behind the curtain. Sound familiar?

A high gloss usually covers a low truth. 
Multiple companies were involved in designing, developing, and promoting XUSD Blockchain. The companies that were directly involved have never been paid, including but not limited to two law firms! In fact two officers of XUSD Blockchain LLC. tendered their resignations due to their belief certain improprieties were taken. Now XUSD Blockchain Holdings finds it convenient to ignore our invoices, your calls, and ours.

Fair Warning
If you intend to work for XUSD Blockchain Holdings, get your money upfront unless you're willing to work for poker chips or free. 

Every invoice submitted (although promised) was never paid including setting up a secure exchange, designing the tokens, web, and a Chinese company by the name Byte-Bulls was partially paid to make a mobile APP. 

It is important to set the record straight as many companies were injured in promoting XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC. As a result of this post, we believe you should seek and demand answers since the companies who worked for them were cut off from any payment and the fundamental courtesies of business communication. 

It might be in your best interest to file a formal complaint with the SEC, the State Attorney General in Angola New York, to seek satisfaction.

Regardless of what you've seen on other websites, we know that certain assets were in part revoked from supporting the XUSDP and XUSDG tokens.

You read correctly.

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