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As Promised, XUSD has a Live Price 

You may have noticed we removed the count-down clock! That is because we are very happy to share our new exchange which is reflecting a real-time price with XUSDP (Prime) and XUSDG (Gold) which is tied to the London Fix.  Bear in mind,  we are in testing mode and will be refreshing the exchange throughout the rest of the week. As stated in our last post November 19, 2021, our goal was to establish a live price before Thanksgiving as promised.

The remainder of this week will be dedicated to integrating an enterprise wallet with an anti-theft and fraud protection solution from Fireblocks. 

Again, we will be testing this new integration over the next few days and release the exchange to preselected customers for end-to-end validation. Once we are satisfied with the results, our intention is to roll out the remainder of our program shortly thereafter.  

XUSD Blockchain Holdings would like to wish our family of token holders a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving. We are especially thankful for your understanding and extraordinary patience.

We are looking forward to sharing an exciting and prosperous future with you.  

Sincerely Your XUSD Team

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